İş Makine ve  Arazi Araçları Yakıt Depo Güvenlik Sistemleri

Heavy Equipment and Land Vehicles Fuel Tank Security Systems

Fuel tank security systems for construction machines and land vehicles:
We provide fuel tank security with state-of-the-art warehousing products for construction machinery and all vehicle groups working in the field. You can secure your vehicles with Depokit fuel security devices against theft and victim misuse. They are the most effective product groups against any intervention that can be done from outside or from inside (operator and driver). Provides 100% protection. Impact-resistant structure, alarm, satellite tracking system, SMS and warning devices.
Steel body structure, specially designed for all types of sabotage and theft, is a system that can give instant warning and transmit instant information.
Fuel depot safety products compatible with every brand and model construction machinery. 
Work machines,concrete mixers,excavation tools,construction site and construction sites, road construction companies and so on. we secure diesel tanks for vehicles used in areas.
Importance of fuel tank safety system for construction machinery and land vehicles:
Fuel security devices are the world's most effective solution to prevent fuel burglary events in all your land vehicles used in construction sites like construction machines. With diesel security devices, you can prevent all diesel theft attempts that will occur on site. In addition to your normal costs, these losses will be added to your costs in the face of the theft of diesel can make you difficult. You can control the fuel of all your land vehicles by means of depokit mazot security devices.