Professional Solutions For Fuel Safety



In Your Fuel Vehicle

As it is known, fuel expenses are among the most important expense items for many companies in our country and in the world. Especially international shipping, construction, agriculture, agriculture etc. Fuel abuses that can be made from commercial vehicles, which are widely used in the sectors, have become an essential issue that both companies and the sector cannot prevent. Especially corporate companies with vehicle fleets need data such as whether the fuel is used correctly and efficiently in terms of operational efficiency.

For years, fuel safety has been tried to be prevented by various means of protection in electronic environments such as impressions, sudden drops, sensors or life bus systems. Although electronic systems are effective in providing data, it is a well-known fact that they are insufficient in preventing fuel theft.

Fuel security systems, which we have developed in order to provide this needed data to companies and to prevent fuel theft and abuse from commercial vehicles, are offered to your service. Our company provides very important advantages to companies by preventing unauthorized fuel purchases in vehicles by up to 100% with the security systems it has developed.


Products that were previously imported from England, Canada and Belgium are now produced in our modern production facilities in Turkey as a result of the R&D studies carried out within our company and exported to many countries of the world.

  1. Cost reduction and savings.
  2. Controlling fuel costs.
  3. Operational Profitability
  4. Calculation of driver cost & fuel expenses.
  5. Getting clearer data from diesel fuel measurements.
  6. Conclusive proof of how much the car burns.
  7. Competitive chance and advantage.
  8. Opportunity to grow for companies.
  9. The product pays for itself in a short time.

Tow-truck, and truck-pickup group vehicles are used in transportation and transportation services; Construction equipment group vehicles are used in construction sites, road construction works and construction sites; Fuel safety system is also applied in agricultural and agricultural vehicles, motorcycles, generators, and fixed tanks, especially in commercial vehicle groups such as buses, minibusses, midibuses, minivans, panel vans, group vehicles used by municipalities and private companies. The fuel safety system is produced in accordance with every part of the fuel in vehicles of all brands and models and is assembled by our assembly team.

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