Professional Solutions For Fuel Safety



In Your Fuel Vehicle

As it known, fuel costs in our country and around the world are among the most important expense items for many companies.Especially international transportation,construction,agriculture etc. fuel abuse in the sectors has become a bleeding wound that both companies and the sector cannot prevent.Data is very important especially if the fuel is used correctly and efficiently by corporate companies with vehicle fleets.

At this point,the importance and necessity of fuel safety systems, which prevent 100% of fuel theft and abuse, are once again emerging.

For years,fuel protection has been tried to be optimized with impressions,sudden drops, sensor or cun bus systems and protection ways in electronic environments.However, all types of electronic systems

it is a known fact that it can get the data, but it is not enough to prevent them from being stolen.Our company has developed systems and vehicles with permission fuel purchases up to 100% by blocking the companies provide very important advantages.

Previously imported products from the UK,Canada and Belgium are now also produced in Turkey mordern ureteim facilities are exported to many countries around the world.

  • Reducing costs and saving.
  • Controlling fuel costs
  • Prevent unauthorized purchases of fuel.
  • Driver cost & calculation of fuel costs.
  • Get clearer data from diesel measurements.
  • The exact proof of how much the car burned down.
  • Control and management of fuel.
  • Chance and advantage of competition.
  • Flexibility,dynamism and transparency.
  • Opportunity to grow to companies.
  • 6 weeks Self-amortization of the product

Especially commercial vehicle groups, semi-trailer trucks, van,minibus,midibus and other like boats and yachts,fuel tanks of agricultural vehicles are assembled to all vehicle groups working with diesel or gasoline.

  • Spare parts,repair,failure, etc. issues also provide instant service.
  • 185 brand 480 model with each brand vehicle installation system application.
  • It is the first company to export abroad.
  • It cooperates with the International Transport Association, one of the leading Associations of the sector.

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